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Ascension Window

Halim Time and Glass Museum Saves Tiffany Masterpiece Window from Window Vultures

Newark, Ohio – The Ascension window, one of L.C. Tiffany’s masterpiece windows, was installed in the Trinity Episcopal Church in Newark Ohio in 1896. The window is made of 27,000 individual glass pieces, 5 layers of glass, and weighs over 3 tons. In 2012, after more than one hundred and fifty years in existence, the church received word it needed to raise $1.2 million dollars to replace massive rotting timbers above the sanctuary that supported the large slate roof. The Church raised half of the money but estimated it would take another decade to raise the full amount, and by that time, the roof would have collapsed. The church had to make the heartbreaking decision to close its doors, and the building is now in the process of being demolished. The contractor who is dismantling the building called Cameel Halim of Halim Time and Glass Museum, who decided to rescue the window on short notice. 


Halim only had two hours to wire transfer a strikingly large sum of money to the contractor, or the window would otherwise be sold off to stained glass brokers. Stained glass brokers often break apart glass masterpieces into multiple non-religious pieces to maximize their profits, destroying the original work of art. Halim could not risk this result, and decided to save the window so that the public could enjoy the window in its integrity as the artist intended. 


Louis Comfort Tiffany
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