Woman with Daughter

Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company Woman with Daughter

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Types of glass:

1. Opalescent
2. Striated
3. Drapery
4. Mottled Painting on faces, hands, and feet
1 to 3 Layers

In this window and many others in the collection, the Tiffany firm exemplified its ability to paint with glass. Instead of painting on the surface of the glass, Tiffany and his artisans used features of the glass itself, such as color, texture, and opacity, to create pictures. Tiffany also experimented with glass to achieve a more varied palette with richer hues. Here, notice the beautiful coloration of the woman’s clothing.

The artist captured a moment in time when a breeze blows across a lake and rustles the dresses of the woman and her daughter as they stand on a terrace that is draped with flowering wisteria vines. The trellis was a favorite motif in Japanese art, which was highly influential in the decorative arts of the era. There is an elegant statue in the background. The cool air appears to give the mother a chill. She pulls her shawl around her shoulders and with maternal concern checks on her daughter whose arms are filled with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. A sailboat glides across a body of water with rolling green hills in the distance.

The figures and their location are unknown. However, could this be a view of Cold Spring Harbor from the terrace of Louis C. Tiffany’s Laurelton Hall estate?

Special Features

  • Notice the fine depiction of the shadows on the floor. Many artists would have created the shadows with paint, but the Tiffany artist layered different shades of glass to create a more realistic effect.

  • The artist skillfully selected and placed each piece of drapery glass to make the dresses appear to move in the breeze. This sense of physical movement is rare in a stained glass window.

  • Despite its large size, this window is all copper foil construction except for leading in the border. Copper foil creates the delicate details that bring to life this intimate scene between mother and child.


Tiffany's Woman with Daughter is on view in the Treasures of Louis Comfort Tiffany Gallery on the first floor of the Halim Museum.